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Every Shitty Thing
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Sometimes the shit we go through leads to our greatest victories…

By the time Marcia was a teenager, she had been betrayed by every male in her life. Her childhood of abuse, insecurity and self-loathing was spent in the working-class suburbs of Sydney in the 1970s. Food was her only solace, a gypsy life her dream. But at the edge of the abyss, there was light in the darkness. Every Shitty Thing is a memoir about betrayal, deception, heartbreak and endurance, with humour between the threads. It’s about hope and never giving up on love. This is Marcia’s story of learning to trust again after a lifetime of betrayal, and how she came to embrace the understanding that the shit we go through – no matter how awful – leads us exactly where we need to be.

Toni has been amazing to work with! He’s been very patient with me as the campaign came to the final stages. I had to move apartments during this time and trying to juggle it all was a challenge. He’s been very supportive and attentive to my needs and I’m very grateful to him. I’d continue to work with Toni in a heartbeat!! He’s also very accommodating.

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