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America's Great Awakening
Grafičko oblikovanje knjige za tisak

Freedom, liberty, honor, and the rule of law… These were the values America was founded upon some 300 hundred years ago.

And yet in the past 100 years, we’ve watched those values disappear with our very own eyes. When we think of America today, and look at the leadership in Washington, D.C., words like deception, corruption, greed, treason, and secrecy come to mind.

Am I wrong?

Today our leaders don’t do the right things for the right reasons, they do what’s right for them. When those are the types of values demonstrated by society’s leaders, that society is doomed.

We watch immobilized, as our government destroys our freedom with each passing day. We cower in the face of the abject criminality of that government. We bow down and endure without resistance TSA scrutiny, NSA spying, GMO foods, vaccines, warrantless searches, universal healthcare, taxes, pre-crime citations, the expropriation of our mortgages and property, the murder of dissidents, constant surveillance, unsafe medicines and foods, and even worse, the privatization of our money system.

It seems the world is going insane.


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