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Live Your Life by Design

This Ain’t No Practice Life is a book that speaks to finding your unique voice in life by marrying your talents, passions, and conscience with a need in the world that only you can fill.

It’s been said that we only get one life, but if we work it just right, one life is all we will ever need.

Coach Micheal Burt has spoken to hundred of thousands of people from all walks of life with a message that awakens his audience to live the life they’ve always wanted. As a championship basketball coach turned entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, and visionary, Micheal leads some of the top performing individuals and organizations in the country to a higher level of performance and enjoyment.

This Ain’t No Practice Life is grounded in seven core decisions that produce seven seasons giving each of us a chance to play at a different level both personally and professionally. Isn’t it time that you made a gut level decision to GO in your life? Wake up everyday, and LIVE LIFE BY DESIGN.

This Ain’t No Pracitce Life is THE roadmap you’ve been looking for to unlock your potential with the coach who knows how to get it out of you.

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